Version 2.2
 * Updated excanvas to r3 - should solve IE8 problems
 * Added Example with ExtJs integration, thanks to Colin Bell
 * New callback event: onDblClickArea
 * Fixed Issue 21: Example 1 and soon online editor supports background change
 * Fixed Issue 23: Possible to click on area in highlighter mode and fire a callback (follow the link)
 * Added Xinha plugin both as an example and a separate plugin
 * Examples got renamed to reflect what they do, plugins got separate packages, top level folder is now included in them.    

Version 2.1
 * Separated most drawing-specific and gui-specific codes. This means easier integration with ANY kind of user interface.
 * GUI specific functions went to default_interface.js 
 * JSDoc toolkit based documentation using modified outline template of JProton.
 * Updated all examples to use separate interface code and map handling code.
 * Removed example 5, since all examples use callbacks now.
 * Fixed issue when dragging areas in Safari will cause selecting all kinds of things.
 * Fixed issue when scrolled image in Opera will result drawing with offset.
 * Fixed Issue 13: Suggestion: image url with timestamp
 * Fixed Issue 14: Javascript error in MSIE
 * Fixed Issue 17: Doesn't work with Adobe AIR 1.1 - new package built with latest SDK 
 * Internal and generated html shape names are HTML conform (circle, rect, poly)
 * Zoom (scale) functionality (new function scaleAllAreas, new property globalscale)
 * Zoom introduced to all plugins. 
 * Added CSS output and Wiki output formats. 
 * Added bezier (quadratic curve) support (just for fun, not standard image map shape, disabled by default)
 * Updated FCKEditor example to use latest FCK.
 * TODO: Elliminated some memleaks using drip.
 * TODO: update tiny
 * AIR queries are now synchronous.  

Version 2.0beta6
 * TinyMCE3 support (plugin zip and also as example8)
 * Adobe AIR version (air file and also as example7)
 * Changed example2
 * Additional languages

Version 2.0beta5
 * Added support for converting area types

Version 2.0beta4
 * Added Opera support

Version 2.0beta3
 * Added MAP id attribute support apart from existing MAP name usage.
 * Added function getMapId().
 * Added function getMapName().
 * Added function getMapInnerHTML().
 * Added TinyMCE support plus example. (Thanks to John Ericksen)
 * Added FCKEditor support plus example. (Thanks to Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo)
 * Added custom callbacks on certain imgmap events.
 * Added Safari support. (Thanks to Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo)
 * Improved handling of bad coordinates.
 * Fixed several bugs and issues.