Desktop editor


The image map editor is also available as a desktop application.
To run it offline on your local machine, you will need to grab the Adobe AIR runtime and install it. Once you installed it, you can simply double-click to install any .air applications. The imgmap download package contains such a file, that you can easily install now on your machine.
Note: during install you will get a warning about the signing certificate. This is because the package is signed with a self-signed certificate since i cannot afford a real one at the moment:).
UPDATE: Adobe AIR runtime is also available for Linux now.

Benefits of the desktop version:
  • Open images from your local machine
  • Drag and drop images to the editor
  • Reopen last used images
  • No need to be online
What is Adobe® AIR™?

Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that lets developers combine HTML, Ajax, Adobe Flash®, and Flex technologies to deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) on the desktop. Adobe AIR allows developers to use familiar tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver® CS3, Flex® Builder™ 3, Flash CS3 Professional, or any text editor to build their applications and easily deliver a single application installer that works across operating systems.