Main features of the image map editor

Supports all shapes (rect, circle, poly)
While you might have came across other in-browser editors that support rectangles or polygons in some way, imgmap supports ALL of the standard map shapes such as rectangles, circles and polygons.
Note: Default shape is not currently supported, also not widely used.
Canvas based graphical engine
The drawing engine is based on the canvas element, which is native part of all modern web browsers.
Note: Internet Explorer doesn't support canvas natively, thus the functionality is emulated.
Independent of javascript libraries
Imgmap doesn't depend on any of the popular javascript libraries like jQuery, Prototype, etc. You can simply drop it into your project without any collision with other libraries.
Unlimited number of areas to define
Imgmap exposes no limitations regarding the number of areas you can define.
Note: Your browser might have such limitations however.
Get or set map html code easily
Easy to use API to set the imagemap from an existing HTML source, or to get the code of the one you are currently working with.
Fully jslint compliant
jslint is a javascript source code verifier, that detects a number of potential programming errors. Imgmap is free of such errors.
Multilanguage user interface
Imgmap supports by default a number of languages, but you can easy extend it with new ones.
Wide browser compatibility
Imgmap is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opeara and Internet Explorer 6+ as well as other browsers that are based on Gecko, Trident, Webkit or Presto layout engines.
Plugins available for popular WYSIWYG editors
Imgmap is shipped with plugins to the two most popular WYSIWYG editors: TinyMCE and FCKEditor.