The imagemap editor is a browser-based, javascript powered image map editor.

With the help of the editor you can easily draw ALL the standard image map shapes (rectangle, circle, polygon), while you will have full control over the generated HTML code as well.

The editor natively uses the canvas HTML element to draw the shapes on a given image. The ExplorerCanvas library from Google is used to get the same result in browsers, that does not support the canvas element but can use VML instead. ExplorerCanvas works quite well, however it is still beta quality, and not as fast as the native canvas drawing, so expect some lags in IE. The editor is currently tested to work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 6 and later.

The imagemap editor was originally available for the public as an online service, which means you can use it to create your imagemaps inside your browser, without installing any desktop application to carry out this task. Feel free to play around with it: use your own images or use the built in samples, draw your areas or edit the HTML code itself, save the result to your clipboard. To do all this, just go to the ONLINE EDITOR section in the left menu.

The code of the editor is also available for download to use in other projects/WYSIWYG editors/etc. It is released under dual GPL/commercial license. To learn more about this option, see DOWNLOAD section in the left menu.

To help the project running, you are always welcome to DONATE this project via PayPal.

For feature requests, bug reports please go to the project's github page.

Since I am not running a forum or guestbook here, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, you are welcome to post it here: devdaweb.blogspot.com , or in the group: http://groups.google.com/group/imgmap-discuss